Window Cleaning

Window CleanerWe are a reliable company, based in Tooting, which provides professional window cleaning. Our employees can take care of the excellent washing of the windows in your home, office, rented and business property. They apply various methods for sanitising windows which are effective and can be applied on any window regardless of its location from the ground.

Our window cleaning techniques include abseiling, reach and wash system, using of cradles, platforms and traditional methods for sanitising. Our technicians can provide eye bolt testing and do the cleaning in a safe and professional manner.

Window Cleaning Services Internal External
One Bedroom Property £10 £30
Two Bedroom Property £20 £40
Three Bedroom Property £25 £55
Four Bedroom Property £30 £65

Professional Window Cleaning Tooting

Our cleaning methods are different depending on the position of the windows. We can provide the following window cleaning techniques:

  • Abseiling – when the building is too high
  • Using of cradles: rope, electric and hand winched
  • Using of platforms to get to the windows and wash them
  • Utilizing of reach and wash water system: carbon fibre pole system which is extendable, water-fed and can reach to 80 feet
  • Traditional window cleaning – done with the help of squeegees and harnesses form eye bolts or ladders

All of the cleaning methods are done properly, safely and chosen according to the position of the windows which need to be sanitised. Our technicians inspect the windows and choose the most suitable methods for sanitising. The reach and wash system is done with special extensions which can get to windows located up to 80 feet.

Window Cleaners in Tooting

Window CleaningThe cleaning is done with the help of purified water which washes the glasses, sills and frames of the windows. The rest of the cleaning methods are done from a distance of the ground thorough the use of ropes, platforms or cradles. Use our high quality window cleaning services that are available in Tooting at reasonable prices.

Our cleaning technicians provide safety testing before applying the cleaning of the windows using cradles, platforms and the method of abseiling. Use our trustworthy and effective window cleaning services which we provide in Tooting to have a clear view from the windows in your property. They are provided at competitive prices seven days in the week and guarantee excellent results.

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